Author Topic: Is It Now Time To Discuss President Trump's Mental State?  (Read 677 times)

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Go read a book on persuasive writing.  If all I had to do was say the other side is effing stupid anyone could do my job.  If all I had to do is say the other side thinks this in conclusory fashion when the other side has articulated their position using facts and reason and what they have articulated doesn't correspond to my bare conclusory statement, anyone could do my job.

So if you have a conclusion about what the other side thinks or feels and you want to be persuasive, you either better support that conclusion with facts and reason or the other side better do that for you (and rarely are they going to do so in a manner that favors you) and your conclusions should match the facts and reason presented.  Just stating a bare conclusion by itself means nothing, however.

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I've never seen a person write so much without saying anything of substance.
Somewhat Reminds me of AOC on the old topix.....