Author Topic: Antarctica’s Thinning Ice Shelves Causing More Ice to Flow Into Sea  (Read 225 times)

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Until we can find a better solution for transformers then we have to keep what we have, or there’s no electricity for the things we need.
However, as for cars and trucks we can depend more on locomotives to transfer cargo from the West Cost to the East, and this will take away much of the heavy trucks from the road while the rest can be delivered at a much closer distance to save fuel.

Trains need to be updated for fuel efficiency by buying new trains, or converting the older diesel electrics into hybrids, as this will save fuel and burn cleaner than before. And I would make the trucking industry to do the same. They would also need to make trucks much more arrow dynamic as well until we can find better solutions.

And many of those solutions are already ready for processing and production, but big oil has those solutions as they bought them out and are sitting on them because they want us dependent on their oil.

Your turn.
I already gave you one. Ban passenger flights. I like your solution. It is one of many that could be used together....

I am all for a warmer world however.
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