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Make Key West Fantasy Fest great again.
« on: October 24, 2019, 02:05:34 am »
Over the past several years, Key West's annual Fantasy Fest has been in decay.  The crowds have maintained about the same densities, but the quality of the people has been sliding badly.  As of 2019, roughly 98 percent of Fantasy Fest goers are in closed cliques with a zero tolerance policy towards strangers.  Very few people are taking pictures anymore, especially with anyone outside their cliques.  A growing number of fest goers are socially hostile towards people not part of their cliques.  We need to clean up Fantasy Fest and make it great again in the following ways;

Closed cliques have no right to be at Fantasy Fest.  Fantasy Fest is about mingling with everyone and having fun.  You are in Key West.  You are not in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, or East St. Louis.  If you are going to close yourself off in a clique, go do it in DuPage County, Illinois.

Toxic, anti social people not only have no right to be at Fantasy Fest, they have no right to be in the State of Florida and need to immediately relocate to DuPage County, Illinois.

Camera-shy people have also become a problem at Key West's Fantasy Fest.  When people go to Fantasy Fest, they love to take pictures.  If you are camera shy, you belong back in Alaska or Minnesota.

As of lately, I have seen a rather unique pose with certain **** women involving a lone guy possibly with autism.  He likes to apparently put his arm under a woman's boobs and sort of prop them up.  No grabbing, no squeezing, just his arm and an open hand and her boobs resting on top, a pose which I think I will call "Boobs on the Platter" due to how it looks.  Boobs on the Platter is a common fetish for many guys and is something you will unfortunately never, ever see in any Playboy magazine or on any pornographic website.  It also may take off and become popular, so ladies, only take your tops off and go **** if you are okay with not only a lot of guys taking pictures of or with you, but also if you are okay with a few Boobs on the Platter poses.  Ladies, if you are not okay with a few Boobs on the Platter poses, you should not take off your tops, and probably shouldn't go to Fantasy Fest.  Same thing if your boyfriend/fiancee/husband would not approve of any boobs on the platter poses at Fantasy Fest.

A couple rules for any guys wanting to do a Boobs on the Platter pose with a woman at Fantasy fest; 1, Always ask first.  It is common courtesy for the woman you intend on doing it with.  2, No hard grabbing or squeezing, just let her boobs rest on top of your arm and/or your open hand(s).  And 3, putting such pics on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, etc) is inadvisable.  That kind of content they do not allow and would likely get your Facebook, Youtube, etc account terminated.

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